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Data Analysis & Visualization | M2 Internship

Postée le 15 nov.

Lieu : Paris · Contrat : Stage · Rémunération : 1500 €

Société : MO-KA

MO-KA is an on-edge computer vision SaaS detecting assistance needs and fraud at retailers self-checkouts. Our solution is deployed at three of the main French distributors, and in China.

Description du poste

Our solution running in production at our clients sites generates a important amount of data based on activities performed on self-checkouts. These data are very useful to analyze in order to :
* extract relevant KPIs for us and/or for our client through BI dashboards
* get some insights about our next features development 
* Monitor our algorithms output related metrics

Internship tasks

* Data Analysis / Dashboard
* Analyze the existing data in our database
* Generate and Visualize KPIs though BI dashboards
* Generate and Visualize technical metrics
* Deploy BI dashboards and make it accessible for users who get rights
* Analyze correlation between data which could be useful to improve our product

Hard Skills

* Very good knowledge and practice on coding 
* Good knowledge on Data Analysis
* Good knowledge on Data Visualization with BI dashboards
* Good analytic thinking
* Python, SQL

Soft Skills

* Love learning about the latest tools
* Comfortable to work on different tasks around software engineering
* Ambitious and strong willed

Profil recherché

* M2 student in data analysis or data science looking for a 6 months internship
* Strongly motivated to get hired on a permanent position 

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Please send your CV at contact@mo-ka.com