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Continuous Integration and Deployment | M2 Internship

Postée le 15 nov.

Lieu : Paris · Contrat : Stage · Rémunération : 1500 €

Société : MO-KA

MO-KA is an on-edge computer vision SaaS detecting assistance needs and fraud at retailers self-checkouts. Our solution is deployed at three of the main French distributors, and in China.

Description du poste

We have several clients getting their custom environment, with several software and hardware configurations to run our solution. The challenge is to set up an automated delivery pipeline (Continuous Deployment) for all different clients. The CI (Continuous Integration) challenge is to set up a pipeline which ensures new fix or feature implementation do not introduce unexpected behaviour in production environment.

Internship tasks

* CD pipeline
* Analyze existing deployments, identify and understand the problematic
* Define architecture of deployment pipelines
* Implement deployment pipelines and test
* Technical Dashboards of status (version, configuration, .etc) on different clients
* CI
* Simulate and implement scenarios tests like clients on scos 
* Run automated scenarios tests

Hard Skills

* Very good knowledge and practice on coding 
* Good knowledge on systems architecture
* Python, SQL 
* Unix
* Nice to have knowledge on Cloud, Docker

Soft Skills

* Love learning about the latest tools
* Comfortable to work on different tasks around software engineering
* Ambitious and strong willed

Profil recherché

* M2 student in software engineering looking for a 6 months internship
* Strongly motivated to get hired on a permanent position 

Pour postuler :

* Please send your CV at contact@mo-ka.com